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Are you a start up company or small business and find that you have limited resources and need help occasionally?

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Do you feel you need extra help only certain

times of the year but don't look forward to going through the interviewing and training process?

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Whether you are considering outsourcing from a large company or run a one-person business - how can Your Office Assistant help?

This is where Your Office Assistant comes in, leaving you time to work on your business not in your business.

Imagine the ideal personal assistant: someone who handles all your business activities and is available when the need arises - invisible and working for you.

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Virtual Assistant with Office Employees

Your Office Assistant works with:

  • Contractors - carpenters, electricians, landscapers, plumbers, and other home improvement specialists and skilled trades.

  • Companies with limited or no support staff.

  • Start-up companies with restricted space, resources and equipment.

  • Freelance and self -employed individuals


How can you save time and money?  Here's how:

It's economical.
Office organization, database management, transcribing, correspondece, amilin lists, newsletters, reports, lists, letters.

Outsourcing, in general, can cost 50% less than hiring a full time employee.

You don't have to do it ALL yourself.

Save time and money
Database management, invoicing, payables and receivables, correspondence, mailing lists, newsletters, word processing, pamphlets, brochures, menu design, editing and proofreading, sorting paperwork.
What you don't have to concern yourself with

Have more time to grow your business or perhaps take time for yourself.  You are charged only for the time worked on your business. 

Employee taxes, arranging office space and investing in expensive equipment and upkeep maintenance, investing time in orientation and training of personnel.

Busy Office

Every hour that business owners spend organizing, creating reports and attending to the vast office related duties, is an hour they could have spent on revenue related tasks.